How to Use a Electric Can Opener

How to Use a Electric Can Opener?

Summary: This article is about “How to Use a Electric Can Opener?”

With so many types of units available from those that go under your counter-top to those that simply rest on the counter-top the instructions on there use will be different.

So in this article I am concentration on giving instructions on the popular Hamilton Beach 76606Z.

I do recommend that before you use whichever can opener you have at hand try to find and read the instructions so that you operate it correctly and safely.

Step 1 – Cutting Mechanism

With any can opener the most important part is the cutting mechanism. With the 76606Z unit to cut an unopened can you will need to place the can directly under the cutting mechanism.

Step 2 – Start Cutting Cycle

The next step involves locking the lever down to hold the can in place during the cutting cycle. As you hold the lever down the unit will start to complete a rotation, allow for one complete rotation for the cutting to be completed.

Important – Allow a complete rotation with whatever model your using to ensure that the lid is successfully cut away from the can.

Step 3 – Remove the Lid

Once you have lifted the lever you can remove the can from the unit and then remove the lid by lifting it off.

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