Hamilton Beach 76606Z Electric Can Opener Review

Hamilton Beach 76606Z Electric Can Opener Review

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Hamilton Beach 76606Z Smooth Touch Electric Can Opener Review

Review Summary

The Hamilton Beach 76606Z Smooth Touch Electric Can Opener is a can opener that is able of opening cans of all types. With the side-cutting feature, it can even open up pop-tops, leaving a smooth edge behind in its wake.

This easy-to-use can opener allows parents, cooks and homeowners all over the world to avoid the hassle of messy and unhygienic can openings, and avoid getting cut on the opened can’s sharp edges.

Key Features

  • The side-cutting features leaves behind a smooth edge, which prevents users from cutting or harming themselves
  • The large lever is easy to operate
  • The extra tall design of the can opener is attractive, available in both Chrome and black to complement your kitchen design
  • The can opener also comes with a 1-year warranty

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The Hamilton Beach 76606Z Can Opener is a practical and inexpensive way of opening cans in a way that is both safe and sanitary. The side-cutting system leaves the edges of opened cans smooth and safe to handle. This prevents the user from getting cut while handling the opened can.

The Hamilton Beach 76606Z does not touch the food or product inside the cans while they are being opened. This allows your food to remain clean and free from any contaminants that might be found on a typical can opener’s blade.


Hamilton Beach 76606Z Smooth Touch Can OpenerCustomer Reviews

It can be confirmed that more than half of the people using the Hamilton Beach 76606Z Smooth Touch Electric Can Opener are happy with its performance. Most of the customers enjoy its side-cutting system wherein the can is opened by the blade slicing just below the can’s beaded lip. This leaves behind a smooth, opened can top.

Users also enjoyed the fact that the can opener’s blade never touches the food, leaving it clean and uncontaminated. While most users were satisfied with this product, some claimed that the can opener worked too slowly for their liking.

I ordered this for my 88 year old Grandmother. She loves it. She was trying to use a hand opener, and with limited hand strength, wasn’t getting very far. With this can opener, all she has to do is push down. I also like how it opens around the top, rather than leaving sharp edges. It’s so much safer that way for her. Not to mention, it looks great in her kitchen.

Lindsay D, Amazon Customer Review

“This is the “BEST” can opener you will ever have!!! First off, I really checked it out, reviews, what it was made of, everything and it is fantastic!! I told my daughter THIS is the one I want for Christmas and she got it for me. It works great even on the large cans of sweet potatoes I had to open, it had no problem, and the liquid didn’t leak out of the can either….”

Nana 12x’s, Amazon Customer Review

“This can opener open the cans from the side not the top, and leaves an edge that is safe to the touch both on the can and lid. It is fantastic. Another plus: With this side opening system the loose lid does not fall back into the can so it is more hygienic as well. I love it. (I was tempted to buy two just to make sure I had a backup (I didn’t)I just hope they keep making them like this one!)”

Alondra, Amazon Customer Review

The Hamilton Beach 76606Z Can Opener has been reviewed by 4301 customers on Amazon and has been given a impressive customer score of 4.7 out of 5.0. Click here to read verified customer reviews on Amazon.


Overall, the Hamilton Beach 76606Z Smooth Touch Electric can opener is affordable, easy to use and hygienic. It delivers the results as promised, and does so in a manner that is quiet, with no annoying buzz that other electrical can openers may come with. I highly recommend this product to those users still searching for a can opener that is safe and easy-to-operate.


The side-cutting feature of the can opener leaves behind an opened can that is clean-cut, smooth and safe to touch. It does the job quietly, and leaves behind no metal shavings.

The Hamilton Beach 76606Z Smooth Touch Electric Can Opener even manages to cut through cans that come equipped with pull ring tabs. This saves you, and your fingers, the struggle of having to pull the can’s top off. This item is easy-to-use and can be used by the whole family.


Some users have complained over the speed of the can opener, claiming it is too slow for their taste

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