Hamilton Beach 76389R OpenStation Can Opener Review

Hamilton Beach 76389R OpenStation Can Opener Review

Hamilton Beach 76389R OpenStation Can Opener Review

The Hamilton Beach 76389R OpenStation Can Opener is more than just an ordinary can opener. The devices uses a combination of three tools to open six different forms of packaging. With this device, you can open up cans of any sizes, in a manner that is quick and effortless.

Key Features

arrowComes equipped with three tools (OpenMate Multi-tool, Jar Opener  and Can Opener) that can open up packaging in six different manners

arrowSureCut™ technology allows cans to be opened up on the very first try

arrowOpens up all types of cans

arrowThe device is easy to use and easy to clean

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The Hamilton Beach 76389R OpenStation Can Opener is a special type of device that opens up far more than just cans. The SureCut™ technology of the device allows all cans to be opened up with only one try.

The second tool that this can opener comes equipped with, the OpenMate Multi-tool, is a very effective device for opening up difficult-to-open packages such as glass bottle caps, pop-top soup cans and hard, plastic packages.

The third tool, the jar opener, true to its name, opens up jars of all types of shapes and sizes with little or no effort.

All of these tools are stored conveniently on top or under the machine, neatly tucked away for easy storage and convenience.  All of them are detachable as well, allowing for easy cleaning. The Hamilton Beach 76389R OpenStation Can Opener is easy to use and easy to store.


Most costumers are more than satisfied with how this can opener operates. It can open jars, cans, hard-plastic containers, glass bottles and pop-top soup cans. The Hamilton Beach 76389R Can Opener works efficiently, quickly and quietly.


A few people have complained over the difficulty involved with taking off the product’s sticker when it first arrives.

Hamilton Beach 76389R OpenStation Can Opener Review

Customer Reviews

All in all, I can conclude that more than half the people using the Hamilton Beach 76389R OpenStation Can Opener are satisfied with the quality of the device and how it can open up nearly any type of packaging. It opens cans easily, and on the first try. The device is easy to clean and easy to use as well. Some users have commented on how difficult it is to take off the stickers of the device when it first arrive.

“Bought this for my mother who has arthritis in her hands. I was looking to replace her under-the-counter model and realized that the quality of these products has drastically declined, so I purchased this instead. She has had no problems at all and is thrilled that she can easily clean the blade by removing it from the base. The very convenient feature of having a bottle opener that stores right in the base has come in handy many times…”

Janet Schuller, Amazon Customer Review

 “I have had many can openers over the years from manual to this type. This one is head and shoulders above others I have used, opens cans easily and cleans up well.”

Robert Posega, Amazon Customer Review

The Hamilton Beach 76389R OpenStation has been reviewed by 48 customers on Amazon and has been given a impressive customer score of 4.3 out of 5.0. Click here to read verified customer reviews on Amazon


When you are looking for a heavy-duty package opening device, then the Hamilton Beach 76389R OpenStation Can Opener is exactly what you are looking for. It opens up nearly all types of packaging on its first try. All of the item’s tools are detachable, making for easy clean ups.

If you are looking for a device that can handle nearly any type of packaging material, then this is the can opener for you.

Another popular can opener you might be interested in is the Black & Decker CO100 SpaceMaker Electric Can Opener.

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