Black & Decker CO100 SpaceMaker Electric Can Opener Review

Black & Decker CO100 SpaceMaker Electric Can Opener Review

Black & Decker CO100 SpaceMakerThe Black & Decker CO100 SpaceMaker Electric Can Opener is a can opener that uses a powerful pierce cutter to smoothly and quickly open up any types of cans.

True to its name, this unit ‘saves space’, counter space to be specific. This is due to the CO100 SpaceMaker Electric Can Opener’s easy-to-mount and easy-to-install features, that allow you to keep this can opener safely tucked away under the kitchen cabinet.

Aside from a can opener, this unit also comes equipped with a knife sharpener, a bottle opener and a bag cutter.

Our Rating:  4.1/5.04.2

User Rating:  3.9/5.04.2

User Reviews: 394

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Key Features

  • The machine’s powerful pierce cutter allows for a smooth and quick operation
  • Easily mountable, which saves a user valuable counter space
  • Swing open door
  • Comes with an automatic shut off and cord management system for safety and convenience purposes
  • Comes equipped with a knife sharpener to sharpen up any dull knives
  • Comes equipped with a bag cutter to open up all types of bags
  • Comes equipped a bottle opener to open up bottle caps as well


  • The Black & Decker CO100 Opener is sturdy, cost efficient and space saving, according to consumers who have already tried using the can opener.
  • It opens cans quickly and quietly.
  • In addition, the bottle opener and bag cutter features work well too.


Some users have commented on difficulty involved in installing the Black & Decker CO100 SpaceMaker under their kitchen cabinets.

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Our Review

The Black & Decker CO100 SpaceMaker Electric Can Opener is a powerful and easy-to-use can opener that allows for the quick and smooth opening of all types of cans.

This gadget saves a user valuable counter space, for it can be tucked away and mounted neatly under virtually any kitchen cabinet. This is quite handy for people living in apartments or homes with smaller kitchens, wherein counter space is limited.Black & Decker CO100 SpaceMakerThe knife sharpening feature of the Black & Decker CO100 SpaceMaker Electric Can Opener sharpens up any dull knives around the house that have lost their sharpness due to time or overuse.

The bottle opener allows a user to open up all types of bottle caps along with can tops. Another feature of this can opener, the bag opener, also helps a user open up bags, along with bottles and cans.

Customer Reviews

4.2Works great

Cashley73, Amazon Customer Review

Works great. It is not evident at first but when you fold down the hinged door it can be folded back under the unit. The first month or two I just opened the door to hand down. A small amount junk from opening the cans would fall on the door and after awhile I had to clean it. Then, I found that I could push if back another click, presto, no junk. Oh well. Good cleaning practice.

4.2Absolutely ecstatic about the quality and how well it works

Ninjamom, Amazon Customer Review

“Alright, I read all of the reviews and actually was concerned about the installation concerns others shared. My husband and I found it to be an easy and basic installation. We were prepared for all cabinets and cabinet depths not being equal or standard in thickness and grade etc which explains mixed reviews on installation.

That preparation made this a very easy installation. Other complaints above the cover being in the way or poor quality are completely false from our usage.

The cover is actually a great feature, goes all the way back so its out of the way when your opening all can sizes – big and small. And when your done you close it and it looks very savvy. Absolutely ecstatic about the quality and how well it works.”

The Black & Decker CO100 SpaceMaker has been reviewed by 394 customers on Amazon and has been given a impressive customer score of 3.9 out of 5.0. Click here to read more reviews on Amazon.

Customers appreciate the quick and smooth way the Black & Decker CO100 SpaceMaker functions. The space-saving feature of this can opener has been much commended as well, for its ability to save a user valuable counter space.

Aside from some users having problems with the installation process of the can opener, most customers are more than satisfied with the quality of the Black & Decker CO100 Can Opener.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of knife sharpener is included?

The knife sharpener can be found on the side of the units case. The sharpener is fairly small and is suited to sharpen paring knives. However you may find its does not fare well for bigger knives. With this being an under counter unit it does not leave much space to accommodate large knives.

Is it the unit hands free?

The unit is hands free, all you need to do is place a can directly under the cutter and press down.

Does the can  opener accommodate various can sizes?

Yes, the mechanism swings around.

What are the cleaning instructions?

Use a damp cloth to clean the blade and surrounding areas. Just flip the gate down to access the blade.

What are the CO100 dimensions?

5.5 x 8.3 x 8.3 inches


Overall, the Black & Decker CO100 SpaceMaker Electric Can Opener is a sturdy, efficient and inexpensive way of opening all types of cans. The additional bag cutter, knife sharpener and bottle opener features of the can opener all work well and proficiently.

This unit is suited to anyone looking for an inexpensive and space saving can opener that opens up all sizes of cans. Click here for the latest rating an PRICE on Amazon.

Another popular can opener you might be interested in is the Black & Decker CO85 Spacemaker Can Opener.

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